Hey, I’m Brandon.
I’m a movie buff.
I love to go see movies in theaters and I like renting them and watching them at home. I should probably buy stock in Red Box and Netflix because I use both so much.
And I should probably set up a cot at my local theater because I so often go watch movies there, I might as well just sleep there until the next show!
Kidding aside. I do watch more movies than I probably should, but I’m not overthinking it. It’s not about me seeing an escape. It’s true, I’m going through a terrible divorce, my business is going down the tubes, my mom is dying of cancer, the IRS is after me for tax evasion, and I’m going through a foreclosure, but other than those things, my life is fine.
Seeing movies as an escape from reality isn’t happening. I see movies because I’m fascinated by how different directors work. How they develop characters. How they use special effects. How they plan cinematography. How they propel storyline.
I’ve gotten to the point where I know some directors so well (by their movies), that I can accurately predict how a new release of theirs is going to go. The fun thing is being caught off guard. Being surprised by a twist. So I watch all movies waiting to see what new inventions a director has come up with.
I do like to analyze films, but not to the point where I can’t enjoy the movie. I’ve sat with people who made commentaries throughout the entire film and then ripped it to shreds at the end. Like they could have done a better job if they’d been the director.
I don’t like to do that. I watch a film to enjoy it, and I do low-key analysis at the end.
I do usually avoid formula movies. Or at least ones that I think will be formula movies. Even as I say that, I realize it’s not true. It kind of depends on the actor and the director.
If a movie smacks of being formulaic, but it has an A-list actor or director, I’ll still see it. I try to put my preconceived notions of formula out of my mind and just absorb the story. But nine times out of ten, it’s a less satisfying experience than a film that has a unique slant.
Anyway, I decided to start writing about movies and how I experience them. Not to be setting myself up as a reviewer on a par with Siskell and what’s-his-name, but just to put a few thoughts out there. Writing about stuff can be good for me. It can be an exercise that is therapeutic as well as disciplined.
So this will be a blog about movies. Although I’ve seen tons of films, there are many I haven’t seen, and if you want to post your own review, go right ahead. Or feel free to comment on mine. I do reserve the right to remove posts with content that I deem inappropriate, but otherwise, it’s fair game.
Thanks for reading!
P.S. By the way, if you wondered how I came up with the name of the site, it’s because my friends call me Marmot, and I consider movies my sport of choice. You can figure it out from there!

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